Listen Up! Did you know that Prenatal Stimulation, the method of using stimuli like sounds and music to communicate with your developing baby, can actually support brain developmental growth? In addition, research shows that listening to music while in the womb is crucial for establishing an immediate bond with your child and has a very calming effect on them too.

Don’t Take Our Word For It, See What the Experts Say!

Bonding and Brain Development: According to Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen, listening to sounds and music while in the womb allows babies to form strong bonds with their moms and supports their brain development.
“We strongly endorse that practice—not just for brain development but also to allow your baby to hear your voice and establish an auditory bond at an early age.” – Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen

Calming Effect: According to Dr. Thomas Verny, author of “The Secret Life of the Unborn Child,” musicologists seem to agree that rhythms, similar to the mother’s heartbeat, have a very calming effect on babies in the womb.

As an enthusiastic expectant mom, you may already be aware of all these wonderful benefits of providing your baby with music and sounds while they are still in the womb. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if you are still a bit hesitant to utilize some of the current methods or alternative market products, due to discomfort, quality and perhaps, safety concerns.
As parents ourselves, the Nuvo team understands all of these concerns first-hand and we developed Ritmo with the utmost safety and sound quality for your precious growing baby. We’ve also created this product to ensure a true, relaxing and comfortable experience for you.
Safety of Your Developing Baby
is Our Number One Priority

Ritmo is the only product of its kind on the market that was specifically created for prenatal use, meeting the stringent safety standards of the consumer electronics industry and FCC. We offer  safety in the form of the following two devices and features:

“4-Speaker Surround Sound Safety Belt”: Research shows that when digital audio acoustic technology interacts with the structure of a womb, it is safer for the baby to receive the sounds if they are spread evenly across the entire part of the body. Today, the majority of generic prenatal sound systems only offer parents a 2-speaker solution – causing an uneven distribution of sounds to the baby. The Nuvo R&D team has solved this problem by developing a proprietary prenatal 4-speaker belt system that securely positions speakers at strategic locations to ensure your baby receives a 360° listening experience with the utmost safety.

“Ritmo Safe & Sound Controller”: Known as Ritmo’s “brain”, this device actually learns the patterns of the music and sounds and then produces a stable and safe decibel level that is uniquely customized and designed for a baby in-utero.  Developed by acoustic technology medical experts, this device continuously measures and controls the right sound outputs for your baby, removing any “sound harm concerns”  off your plate.This device is available exclusively with our Ritmo Advanced product. 
Ritmo Brings Some Comfort to Your Pregnancy
As excited as we all are for the birth of our children, pregnancy can be physically draining for expectant moms. Understanding your experience, Nuvo created the Ritmo with your comfort in mind! Unlike generic prenatal products that sit directly on one’s belly, Ritmo fits snuggly around your entire stomach. Since you are an active mommy, even if you bounce around from place to place all day, Ritmo’s unique elastic belt design is always accurately and safely positioned in the right locations on your belly. In addition, Ritmo’s Extender Belt can be adjusted to fit throughout your “growing” pregnancy.

Here’s what one customer had to say about Ritmo’s comfort feature:
“I didn’t know how uncomfortable I was until I started to wear the belt and feel a huge sense of weight being lifted off of my back. I wore it all day and didn’t want to take it off. The stretchy fabric was nice because it could grow with me as I got bigger. I was also able to adjust it to fit me the right way, although I never had to do any adjusting from the moment I put it on until I took it off.”  - Lisa
A Combination of Surround Sound and Acoustics
Premium Audio for Your Baby? Yes, Even Surround Sound System!
Since babies tend to move around all over their mother’s stomachs, music and sounds need to be strategically placed in different locations to effectively reach them - no matter where their heads are. The Nuvo R&D team leveraged their experience and expertise in prenatal digital acoustic technology to specifically create the Belt equipped with 4 speakers strategically positioned at the right locations to ensure your baby receives a high-quality, full 360 audio surround sound system.

Advanced Acoustic Technology
Ritmo’s specially engineered resonance cells minimize sound leakage in order to deliver high quality sound, even to the youngest listener's safe listening level.