What is Groovio?
Groovio is the world’s first safe and entertaining portable audio
system designed specifically for children of all ages and stages. It is
the only product of its kind that can actually be enjoyed by both the
parent and child. In addition, Groovio is the only portable audio
system that provides a parent with full safety control, yet still allows
the child to safely and independently play with the product with full confidence.

Yes, Even You will Enjoy Your Child’s Groovio!
We can all agree that after a while, most of our children’s audio toys
start to grate on our nerves.  As parents and music lovers, we at
Nuvo wanted to create a product that not only would entertain our
children, but that we could enjoy as well! From Bob Marley to Lady
Gaga, Groovio allows you to create customized music and sounds
that appeal to both you and your child.

You Control Your Child’s Safety, Yet Your Child Remains Safely
and Independently in Control of his/her Entertainment!

Developed by acoustic-technology medical experts, the Nuvo Safe
& Sound Controller
allows parents to control their child’s Groovio
experience safely by enabling adjustments to sound decibels
appropriate for the child’s age.  The Nuvo team created the Groovio
small and comfortable enough for all babies and children to enjoy,
even those with very tiny hands! This feature allows the child to feel
independent and in control of their own Groovio entertainment and
interactive experience.
Two Simple Steps to Get in
the Groovio!

First connect your iPod, Smartphone or MP3 player
to the Nuvo Safe & Sound Controller.
Then safely and securely lock both devices into the
Groovio. Finally, get up on your feet and begin to rock
and roll with your kids!
Groovio Grows with Your Child!
Children should be exposed to music as early as possible.  Music is the foundation that science has shown encourages all areas of development. The right products can make a big difference in how children can enjoy and interact with music.  From newborns to toddlers to preschoolers, Groovio is
designed to grow with your child through different stages:

During the infant stage, your baby begins to recognize
and love sounds and music. The Groovio fits this stage
by offering a safe and portable way for your baby to
listen to music in different environments: Crib, Stroller
and Playroom.

Toddlers and Preschoolers:

During the “precocious” toddler and preschool stages, your
little tike begins to explore and want to experience and
interact with everything around them. Of course your priority
is safety still at this stage, but you also want a toy that will
keep your child entertained, beyond a few minutes! The
Groovio is a perfect product to respond to this need as it
offers toddlers and preschoolers engaging entertainment.
They can do exciting activities such as: dressing up and
driving around their favorite Groovio Buddy.
Safety Comes First!
Through forward-thinking product design and proprietary technology, Groovio is the only product on the market that meets the stringent standards of the Consumer Electronics industry and FCC. To find out more about why Groovio was designed completely with your child’s safety in mind, please visit the “Why Groovio” section on this site.
A Combination of Speakers & Acoustics!
1. Premium Sounding Audio? We’re All Eyes!
Groovio’s two separate stereo speakers are ingenuously
housed in the Groovio Buddy’s eyes. These are interactive and
have the ability to move up and down, left and right providing
amazingly clear stereo sound, perfectly balanced to provide
the highest quality and safest audio experience for even the
youngest listeners.

2. Advanced Acoustic Technology
Groovio’s specially engineered resonance cells minimize sound leakage in order to deliver high quality sound, even to the youngest listeners.