The Nuvo Group

At Nuvo, we are committed to developing innovative products
and technologies focused on delivering health and wellness
benefits during pregnancy and through early childhood.

We focus on developing wearable, sensor based technologies
that utilize big data analytics to provide customized solutions
for parents to better connect, monitor and bond with their
child during and after pregnancy.

About Us

Commitment to

We strive for excellence, not only in our product design but in the
quality of services we provide our customers and business
partners. Our commitment requires us to constantly push
ourselves to innovate and reimagine how our products can
provide the greatest overall benefits.

Our Brands

Leading Industry

The Nuvo team of experts are committed to developing products and services that utilize cutting-edge
technology and enhancing the user experience. From the materials we use to the software we develop,
it is all carefully crafted by a team of seasoned and highly technical professionals.

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